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III) FRINGES & Goodies (click on the photo)

Find on this site the prints of your images on different media at different sizes. Another possibility is to contact me for original materials (pallets ...) which will not be available here. Likewise, do not hesitate to leave me a message or to call me for visuals that are not presented in store.

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Find here T-Shirt, badges, mouse pads and all the gadgets around the works of Jeff Mougenot: combine business with pleasure or find little "gift" ideas!

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On this link, you will find all the books available on the internet. Follow the news because new products are in preparation. "Promotion" codes will be set up by the publisher, so stay "up to date"! Apart from the chromakey photos, a book dedicated to B&W silver photographs by Jeff Mougenot (accompanied by his short story) was published in 2021. Luxa, lune et lumière traces the initiatory journey of a little girl on Mexican lands ...

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